Trinity Post, Lori Vargas

sample 1 Trinity Post, Lori Vargas

Latina Beauty Lori Vargas is one curvy mamacita. Her bountiful backside bounces while she struts her stuff. Trista Post is one petite and fiery girl. When these divas get together, it is like watching fireworks go off. The sexy curves from Lori are a horny contrast to Trista’s petite frame. They bump, they grind and they lick each other’s twats. These eager twats can’t get enough of each other. When Trista spreads Lori’s hairy cunt wide, she can’t help but munch her carpet. These beauties moan and purr and lap each other juices up like thirsty kitties while their cannons bounce and jiggle. Some coochie humping and both reach juicy orgasm.


Lyla Lei, Jersey Cummings

sample 1 Lyla Lei, Jersey Cummings

Lyla is on the bed, flicking her wet muff and watching porn all alone when Jersey comes in and catches her. Lyla has no shame, she doesn’t care what her friend thinks and she even invites her to join in. Jersey finally strips her clothes off and joins Lyla on the couch. The hotties start to kiss and realize that they can do so much better than what the sweeties on television are doing. Lyla finally gets down and stats to eat Jersey’s moist coochie. Lyla then fingers her cooter, making Jersey see stars. Eventually the beauties start to rub each others’ twats for some hot friction and they make each other cream time and time again.


Melanie Scott, Veronica Vasquez

sample 1 Melanie Scott, Veronica Vasquez

Two beautiful women like Melanie Scott and Veronica Vasquez bump and grind up and down each other like two kittens after the same treat. These slits draw each other in like catnip as they get all entangled in each other. Their cunts rub together in a dry hump that gets them both pleading for more. Some bootylicious asses like these practically call out for some tongue tickle treatment and both these kitty cats are more than willing to oblige. They lick each other in turn and then start finger pounding as they continue to bump and grind each other. These hot booty beauties get to dripping with climax and kiss to calm down.


Emma Cummings, Devin Monroe

sample 1 Emma Cummings, Devin Monroe

Emma and Devin are chatting like friends over a cup of coffee when Devin asks Emma for money. Emma gladly pays out but she’s looking for a little something in return. She kisses Devin and Devin refuses her advances at first but then eventually gives into her. Devin seems uninterested but comes around and gets into the hot carpet muncher action. The ladies get undressed and Emma makes Devin see stars as she eats her sweet fuckhole. She shows Devin just what it’s like to pleasure another whore as she starts to finger her wet snatch. Devin gets quite into it and realizes that they can be more than just best friends for life.


Claudia Downs, Heidi Sin

sample 1 Claudia Downs, Heidi Sin

Old blonde and her lovers both pose for up showing off her hefty boobs and nice shaved holes


Emma Heart, Jandi Lin

sample 1 Emma Heart, Jandi Lin

Jandi was horny and she had only one thing on her mind and that was Emma’s beaver! So she went over to the chilling beauty and started kissing her toes. That immediately woke Emma up and they started kissing as Jandi ran her hands up and down Emma’s body. Jandi sucked and bit on Emma’s nipples, causing them to become fully erect. Then she rubbed her twat with her hand, making Emma completely aroused. Jandi teased Emma’s beaver a bit and then gave her some spanking on her booty. This only aroused Emma further and then Emma went down to lap up Jandi’s moist snatch. The hotties took turns licking each other until they both orgasmed.


Angel Black, Jessica Right

sample 1 Angel Black, Jessica Right

There’s just something especially erotically charged about watching two sexy sweeties of different races getting sexual – watching the ebony and white skin probing together, breasts mashing against one another in passion. A gorgeous brunette and her petite ebony girlfriend put on a little dyke performance for the camera in this hot interracial girl on girl episode. They strip off one after another, doing a slow and provocative striptease for the viewer, then they join one another on the couch. They kiss tenderly, then more heatedly, and tear off one another’s clothes. Soon they are locked in a frenzied 69, licking each others’ sopping twats.


Farrah Rae, Rayna Lee

sample 1 Farrah Rae, Rayna Lee

Heartbroken by her boyfriend caught pumping her hot girlfriend, Farrah Rae runs into the loving arms of Rayna Lee! After some comforting, hot seductive ginger coed, Rayna asks if Farrah has ever fooled around with sweeties before. I wonder how long Rayna’s been waiting to make a move, because one glance at Farrah’s slim body, darling face and smallish innocent tits, well, it’s about damn time this fantasy became a reality. Spreading her long, tanned legs apart, Rayna softly tongues Farrah’s clit. Then, they share a hard core make-out session and Farrah finds out what her own delicious cooter tastes like…


Ariana Fox, Shay Golden

sample 1 Ariana Fox, Shay Golden

Ditched by her guy for another slut, poor Ariana Fox rings up her leggy blond BFF, Shay Golden, over for some girly comfort. During an innocent foot massage, Ariana asks how Shay deals with douchebag mans and Shay admits that she’s done switched teams! Tempting Ariana with the fact that dykes are, bar-none, the best coochie-eaters alive, well, FUCK, that’s enough to convince Ariana to drop her thongs! In an instant, this couple of regular sweethearts are kissing madly and gently caressing each others’ hot, naked flesh. Shay goes down on Ariana, tongue-fucking her perfectly hairless cooche until Ariana’s hips quiver and shake with sudden bliss. Try not to lose your goddamn mind once Shay break out the rubber cock and crams it up Ariana’s wet cunt while rimming her firm knot of an asshole!


Nicole Aniston, Lola Foxx

sample 1 Nicole Aniston, Lola Foxx

Large tits blond Nicole Aniston is no good at dealing with confrontation, so when firm body brunette Lola Foxx turns up furious at her door, Nicole deals with the problem the only way she knows how – with her slutty tongue! When talking fails, Nicole pulls up Lola’s top and starts to suck on her nubile hooters. Soon Lola is moaning and stroking the back of Nicole’s neck, her anger forgotten. Lola climbs on top of Nicole’s face, rubbing her luscious little shaved beaver on her blond girlfriend’s mouth and urging her to suck on her horny clit. The dyke tarts bring each other to climax with some hot muff rubbing scissoring action – very tasty!